a little advice please we have recently adopted a little boy he is 4 he had a tr…

a little advice please we have recently adopted a little boy he is 4 he had a traumatic childhood until he came into our home he is bed wetting im guessing through stress and other thoughts whats the best way to overcome this he knows he is safe in my care and nobody will ever harm him again he is great through the day few accidents but we clean him up and tell him it’s ok he won’t get wrong now but every morning he wakes in a wet bed im worried about him if he still feels unsafe and it worrying him on a night he shares a room with my son who is the same age and gets embarrassed in the morning how can I help him thank you x


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  1. How lovely of you to give this wee boy a home ❤. I read these books written by a foster carer named Cathy Glass. They are her foster care memoirs. I remember she wrote in one of her books that sometimes it takes children to feel completely safe before the trauma can really take its toll as they feel safe enough to remember it. I’m no expert but I imagine it will take time, patience, love and probably some therapy but I’m sure he will get there 🙂 xx

  2. Leave him be. My 5yr old still wets the bed occasionally and he has had a charmed life. Get a pull up on him and let it happen naturally. Don’t withdraw drinks etc. Let the little guy settle into his new life. Good luck. Xx

  3. The child will be mentally scared and traumatised and possibly suffering night terrrors you can’t prevent that im afraid. I would buy bed time pants just so hes not waking up in his own pee, you can get ones which look just like pants so not so embaressing for him, until it improves. Alot of reasurance as your doing x

  4. No juice after 6pm, toilet before bed and get him up when u go to bed for the toilet again. All u can do is assure him the he’s safe here and that ur their to protect him. Buy him pull up pants for bedtime but still get him up for a pee before u go to bed keep that routine that way he’ll get used to the routine if getting up himself. Leave the bathroom light on incase he’s scared cause it’s dark. He’ll be traumatised and anything will scare him right now xx

  5. Yeah bed time pants are a good idea also if recommended by his physciatrist which I assume he’s still seeing if not he should probably see one… You could get one of those alarms that they give to children who don’t wake up when they wet helps them lern the feeling ect and to go in the night. Also a little battery lantern to take to the toilet if he wants to try maybe glow in the dark footsteps long the hallway to the bathroom. At 4 I wouldn’t mind a baby monitor either… If he does wake and is scared to get up just asking for you (all be it difficult) could be the answer with your support in the night he might feel a whole lot better xx mostly these things need time but as long as he’s loved supported and has the correct professional support he will overcome it. My cousin was adopted at 6 and had a lot more worrying symptoms … You can do this! 😊 he will feel safe with you eventually ❤

  6. Just put a pull on him 🙂 get ones with his favorite superhero etc on them 🙂 I still have to put a pull on my son (3 years old) when we are going on long journeys as he wont go anywhere other than our home so I get ones with Spiderman on them so he will wear it just incase 🙂 if he is embarrassed about it try put it on him and take it off him without your son knowing 🙂 also how good of you to give this little boy a loving home and family 🙂 I wish you and your family all the best

  7. Bedtime bladder control is actually down to a hormone that can take up until the age of 8 to develop in the body fully so his bedwetting is actually quite common for his age as he genuinely just wont be able to help it. You’re doing all you can right now, just continue to offer reassurance and don’t make a fuss xx

  8. My little girl was potty trained in the day from 18 months.. forward with everything but wet the bed til she was 7.. we tried everything! She was happy felt secure was nothing to do with that.. took her to Dr they said some kids just do! So I wouldn’t panic that he’s not settled or feeling secure some kids just do it.. she grew out of it. You’d be surprised how many of her friends still did at that age too xx

  9. Ah bless, just put him in some pull ups, there’s no shame in that. Lots of children are still in them until way past 4yrs. No need to make a fuss…poor lad just needs time and some more of your magic tlc. x

  10. Bed wetting specialist try your local health centre or maybe ask your GP my son was prescribed a hormone medication stopped wetting the bed instantly tried him without a few months later n he was dry has been ever since good luck

  11. My 5 yr old is still wetting the bed i put him in pull ups as he can go upto 3 times during night but there is a nasal spray u can get from gp but need a referral from urinal clinic im sure he will be fine least hes now in a loving home and no more harm can come to him x

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