Alder Hey Strikes Again Poor Little Kyrah

Little Kyrah is currently at Alder hey hospital the same as the now famous Alfie Evans who is currently fighting for every breath and proving the doctors and courts wrong.

Kyrah’s mum is also fighting her own battle a battle to save her daughter’s life and to have a diagnoses.

Kyrah’s mum posted on her childs support page saying

“Nearly 5 years old and still alder hey TRUST have no plan,

Kyrah has a chronic disease a terminal illness and still no care plan while alder hey trust were busy trying to make me look bad I built my own case on them and now its all falling perfectly in to place they used my daughter’s life to blackmail me while I give them every opportunity possible to work with us they did not want to do that they had their own plan.

I had so much respect for them before they tried everything to tear us apart now I wonder how these people even sleep at night knowing what there doing is wrong on so many levels

#IWONTBESHUSHED #IWontBeStopped #TheTruthWillAlwaysFindAwayOut

Alfie Evans case has put the care and treatment at Alder hey hospital into the lime light, many people are now questioning whether or not the hospital is trying to cover up poor treatment, medical negligence or simply don’t care, we wouod like to hear your views in the comment section.

To follow Kyrah’s journey and fight for the right to live, please take a look at her support page

If you have had a bad or even good experience at Alder hey we would love to hear from you, or if you have a story or want to raise awareness of a different topic please send us an email to

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  1. Preparing your next bullshit bandwagon so soon. Alfie is still here and you’ve already selected your next helpless victim that can serve your need for attention. Pop your GMC registration on here, I’d like to check out your credentials.

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