Amazing Support For Bullying Victim-Smoulder With Your Holder

Kate Green Took to Facebook after her daughter was bullied, the post has since gone viral and people are showing amazing support.

Green said “My beautiful, spirited, opinionated and assertive daughter posted a picture on instagram yesterday that showed about an inch of a toilet roll holder in the background…. cue apocalyptic trolling.

After being savaged to the tune of 200 comments on instagram, the horror carried on at school today and ended with her being pelted with food and having water thrown over her to humiliate and soak her

I’m hoping the lovely world of social media can do me and Thea a favour.

After calming her down I’ve tried to make her see some positives and in her awesome and usual way she has totally got on board with another one of my ridiculous suggestions

Support people who are quirky, embrace differences and love diversity.

The human I made makes this world an endlessly better place so please share, show her some support and ‘smoulder with your holder’

I know some amazing people so I know we can show her support and post some hilarious toilet roll holder related pictures!

I will be posting mine shortly

Thea’s new and improved toilet roll holder pic is below! How awesome is she!



Please show your support an post a photo with the hash tag smoulderwithyourholder

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