Another Woman Hurt By The Implant

An unknown woman has taken to social media to warn others about the risks of the implant.

Females who use birth control:

DO NOT use the Nexplanon implant!!! My daughter had it put in her arm, in the standard location where all are inserted, in August of 2017. Since getting the implant, she has been very sick, has had very high anxiety levels, to the point of having to be put on anti-anxiety medicine, and has lost 15 pounds, which puts her below 100 lbs!!! I finally said to schedule an appointment to have it taken out.

She went in to have it taken out, and the doctor couldn’t find the implant in her arm. (They are usually visible under the skin) They took X-rays and couldn’t find it. They performed ultrasounds and couldn’t find it.

They referred us to a general surgeon, who did a more in-depth sonograms yesterday. He thought he had found it and scheduled an emergency surgery to have it removed this morning. IT WAS THAT URGENT!!! Come to find out, once he opened up her arm, the implant had traveled into the muscle, and was a centimeter from an artery! 😱 had it made its way to the artery, it would have killed her!

It has been removed, and she is recovering and is hoping to start gaining some weight and start feeling better again soon. They had to split her bicep muscle in two though, so she’s going to be sore for a while. I debated on posting this, but feel it is far too important not to share. This is serious enough to kill you, if it travels in your body, to an artery or a lung. Please tell your girlfriends, you moms, your daughters DO NOT USE NEXPLANON!!!

Please feel free to share this post to get the word out.

Author: XGemx

2 thoughts on “Another Woman Hurt By The Implant

  1. I have the implant and I’m missing periods and getting very moody and starting to get bad anxiety may take a trip and have it removed I just thought it was just me being off but after reading this I’m thinking other wise

  2. This is not good journalism Gemma. “Unknown woman” making claims. Jesus. Did you interview her or her daughter? Did you see more pics? Did they explain why it looks like the thing was ripped out when supposedly it was done surgically? Shame on you for spreading misinformation. If you had checked her profile, you would see that she’s a staunch republican. I believe her post is part of a smear campaign and you and so many others fell right into her trap.

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