Any mothers of 4 on here with a small age gap with there 3rd baby?? Just found o…


Any mothers of 4 on here with a small age gap with there 3rd baby?? Just found out in pregnant again and I’m absolutely terrified. Looking for some reassurance it’s not that bad having a 4th baby πŸ˜‚ thanks mummas x



  1. I had a gap of 10 months between two of my children so at that time had 3 under the age of 3. A good routine is all you need. They are 12, 9 and 8 now and have 18 month old twins to add to the madness xx

  2. I’m pregnant with bubba number 4. My eldest is 7 then second is 6. 18 months age gap between them 2. Then I had 5 year age gap between 2nd n 3rd n now expecting bubba number 4 n again will b 18 months between 3rd n 4th x

  3. Im mum to 11 , the hardest bit for me was number 8/9/10 ,i had a shop to run,open till 8.30 every day, and the babies was 2and half, one and a new born ,so 3 under 2 and a half. That was my hardest run,but i then had another and stopped lol. Its fine if unlike me you have more than just babies to deal with,i loved being mum to lots. Its really lovely as they grow and have each other,the bond they have is amazing,carries on through life. Good luck x

  4. I had 4 in 5 years . It really doesn’t make a difference to my family the only difficulties I have is the youngest one has been in and out of hospital so that has been hard but in terms of daily life I don’t think it made it harder I think he’s made us all happier πŸ™‚

  5. I had 4 in 5 years, it’s hard while they are tiny but worth it, get in a good routine and my house generally works like clockwork and we all smile most the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxx

  6. mee my eldest is 4 will be 5 in july den my middle one is 3 4 in july den youngest has just turned one in april. deyr all 3 really close i couldnt wish anyfin better

  7. I’m pregnant with baby 7..I’ve got 11 10 6 5 4 2 year old some days r harder then others but it’s worth it in the end all that love ❀. Justed need routine and u will be fine. Xxxx

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