As I Walk Through The Aisles Of Death At The Supermarket

A poem from my heart:

If you only could hear what I hear

If you only could feel what I feel

As I walk along those aisles of death in the supermarket

Do you ever look beyond the clever packaging?

Beyond the fairy happy-tales of animals who supposedly willingly were killed

Humane slaughter is all a lie

Animals do not want to die

These are aisles of intense suffering and death

Aisles of crushed dreams,

children mourning their parents,

and parents mourning their children

These dead bodies should all be in a cemetery

Yet, I see people buying these bodies,

living individuals ripped apart at a young age

It is not food, it is violence

Milk is not food for us, it is the nourishment which was intended for a calf

But forcefully she was taken away from her mother,

ignoring her intense cries;

and ignoring the cries of his/her heart, saying:

Please don’t hurt these beautiful beings,

respect their deep heart wish to be together

And if you buy that milk, you are closing your eyes, and heart,

from their heartache, pleas and deep emotional suffering

Think of if someone forcefully took you away from your mother when you were a little child

Treat and respect others as you want others to treat and respect you

It is time

To shop with your heart,

your eyes and ears

Their suffering will only stop

if you listen to your heart and shop with your heart

Choose green kindness – a vegan diet –

instead of a diet that robs other beings of everything they have

Choose peace. Be kind. Be vegan

Be kind, be vegan, learn more here,

(Photo credit, Captive pig photo from , Free pig photo from Gotlands djurfristad)



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