Barnsley Hospital Killed My Baby


for everyone who doesn’t know the story about Oscar this is how shit Barnsley Hospital are!

Oscar was a healthy baby up until aprox 27 weeks. I was in and out of hospital for numerous reasons including: bleeding, intense pains, plug loss, waters leaking and reduced movements. I was in hospital EVERY day for them to do nothing, apart from send me home and tell me to take paracetamol. They didn’t once keep me in or do a thorough check to make sure me and my baby were okay, despite being asked if they could induce me after being in hospital in excess of 10 times in 7 days, phoning the labour suite and been told to stay at home and take paracetamol as they wasn’t bothered.

They refused to induce me 3 times at 37 weeks as “it could kill Oscar” And as a result to them not listening they killed him themselves..

The day before Oscar died (28/7/2018), I attended Barnsley hospital as my waters were leaking and I was in agony and yet I was again sent home.

I thought it was another case of reduced movements but unfortunately it wasnt…

so on the 30th July I had to go through the most traumatic event and birth my little boy, knowing there was going to be no joy at the end of it. I was offered no help at all in terms of after care, mental health, or even what to do next regarding the funeral we were then faced with organising, they sent me home 6 hour later with a little memory box with a few items and that was that no help, no nothing. And wrote in my green notes “I WANTED TO LEAVE”

A few days after Oscars birth, we visited the funeral home and his belongings were missing! They tried to give his/our personal items to my friend who sadly lost her baby 2 days before.

When I left the hospital less than 24hours after having Oscar, the hospital told me my placenta results would be 7 days. 22 weeks later and I’ve only just received them in the rudest meeting I’ve ever had. The hospital staff came across as hostile and uninterested and didn’t answer any of the questions I had, and only just offered me help then.

So.. after weeks upon weeks of phoning the hospital chasing up my results and been told to stop phoning and “you’ll get a phone call back” and never did.

My placenta results came back and they was a slight chance my placenta was dying inside of me. The hospital said I was having scans every 2 weeks. Even though I was given 4 scans throughout the whole pregnancy and one of them was a private scan we paid for. And they had lost TWO days worth of green notes from me going into the hospital what they didn’t care about.

I am currently in communication with my solicitor to try to get some form of justice for the blatant medical negligence I received from Barnsley Hospital and staff during pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. Unfortunately nothing will bring my little boy back, but I will try my hardest to get justice for him, myself and for any woman who has been or is currently being neglected by their lack of care and consideration.


Brooklyn Smith

4 thoughts on “Barnsley Hospital Killed My Baby

  • 13th January 2019 at 9:37 pm

    That is disgusting Barnsley hospital do not care get them for every penny you deserved to be treated better than that

  • 14th January 2019 at 11:30 am

    I went there when i miscarried….I left 3 weeks later carrying a rotten foetus to walk into Rotherham AnE begging for help…..they were amazing.Barnsley is an absolute hole and I endured hell from that place.

  • 16th January 2019 at 9:14 am

    Barnsley hospital lost my notes after my traumatic birth room I 5hink it was just an excuse to hide how poor it was

  • 8th October 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Its a dangerous place. Wouldnt trust them for anything. Many mistakes in that place are covered up. I know. I used to work there.


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