Basildon Hospital Killed My Nephew

Hannah Baines-Docherty has taken to Facebook to beg for help in getting justice for her baby nephew.

Docerty said: Basildon hospital we are coming for you On the 21st of December my nephew Marni-lee was born. How excited we were to welcome a new baby boy in our family. We trusted Basildon hospital to take care of him and my sister Macey. Little did we know the best day of my sister’s life turned into an absolute nightmare. My sister had SERVERE preeclampsia which they failed to treat or notice. We later discovered they put down she had moderate preeclampsia!

When you have this when pregnant it needs to be treated Immediately, they failed this, with the doctors saying to leave my heavily pregnant sister another WEEK untreated. The day my sister gave birth they rushed her down to have an emergency c-section which we discovered she has TWO scars instead of the one, which we was never told about until we noticed. They told us our baby Marni was brain-dead when born with my sister still on morphine and asleep.

Basildon Hospital Killed My Nephew
Basildon Hospital Killed My Nephew

They told us he had hours to live and was put on a life support machine. The only way our precious boy would survive would be if he went to A special London hospital. Which we were told he would not make it there. After 2 hours they gave up and took Marni Lee off the life support machine. He survived 15 hours off the life support machine! Begging for them to get him transferred to the hospital we got told NO! How can this happen? He has survived so long with out the life support machine why wouldn’t they do this??? At least try!

On the 22nd December Marni Lee died in my mother in-laws arms. My sister got transferred to a hospital with them telling us he died due to her having ASUS which she NEVER had! Recently they have had a meeting with Basildon hospital with them ADMITTING if they would have took Marni out of my sister half hour earlier he would still be with us today, also got told there was no reason why he should have died and that he was a heathy little boy.

They have put in my sisters records she had a kidney scan which SHE DID NOT HAVE! No family should have to go through this, they left my sister in a room with her dying son and let her deal with it. Please share this so other people are aware of this hospital. We will NOT give up until we have justice for our baby Marni-Lee ❤

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