Bikini Ban For Children Under 16 Years Of Age

Bikini Ban For Children Under 16 Years Of Age
Bikini Ban For Children Under 16 Years Of Age

A woman called Trisha Shawns has started a petition to drum up support in banning children’s bikinis, Shawns wants to reach 100 thousand people so she can take her petition to parliament.

Shawns said “I for one am sickened when I go shopping and see sexy bikinis aimed at children as young as two and shocked that irresponsible and damn right stupid parents will buy these for their young children.

These outfits leave very little to the imagination and are not at all age appropriate, it is like a paedophiles dream come true, whilst your little girl is running around the beach in next to nothing whats to stop some creepy bloke taking photos and using the images to pleasure himself once he is home.

I hate seeing little girls losing their innocence by dressing far beyond their years.

Please help me get children’s bikinis taken off of the shelves and a nationwide ban for children under 16 years of age from wearing them, this could be implemented with a fine for the parents or refusal of entry in to swimming pools etc if a child is wearing one.

Parents if you were stupid enough in the past to purchase one of these for your daughter bin it, burn it I don’t really care but please don’t put it on your child”.

Shawns didn’t receive the responses she was hoping for and was met with a lot of negativity, one mum said “who are you to tell me what I can dress my child in and any one who finds a childs clothes sexy has a screw loose” however one dad did say he found it uncomfortable when he saw children in adult themed clothing.

Whats your view? Should bikinis be banned, would you put your own child in one? Let us know in the comments


  1. I wouldnt neither ban them nor put them on my child. Dressing a two year old in a bikini is a world away from a 14 year old choosing to wear one. In her desire to protect children this woman would strip young women of the right to wear what they choose. If society has made it unsafe for a teenage girl to be on the beach in a bikini, the society ought to change not the teenager. What you are doing is essentially victim shaming these girls, if you were dressed appropriately this would not have happened. I do not condone the sexualisation of children, but I also cannot condone teaching young women that if they do not wear “appropriate clothing” then if they are sexually assualted its because of the clothes.

    • I could not have worded that better than you did…I refuse to buy them for my 4 year old but would never tell her she can’t when she old enough to make her own decisions as a young women.

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