Brave Girl Loses Her Fight To Cancer But Her Name Will Live On

Little Sophie Grace Taylor 4 years old lost her brave fight to Osteosarcoma cancer.

Her parents want to raise awareness and let her name live on.

Today at 1.47am I took my last breath, laying in Mummy and Daddy’s arms, cuddling Olaf and watching Toy Story. I peacefully slipped into my forever sleep, just how I would have wanted.

Mummy and Daddy will ensure my life and name goes on and wrote this poem for me…..

My wings arrived and I decided it is time that I should go

But before I fly and leave you here there are things that you should know.

Treasure every moment, every laugh, and hug and kiss

For you never know when life, may suddenly end up like this.

I taught you valuable lessons on how to cope with misery and pain

So no matter what you go through, remember you can always smile again

It may not be today, tomorrow, or this week

But never give up on living while there’s colour in your cheek.

Mummy and Daddy will mourn forever, but their job is crystal clear.

To make my name last forever

“And we will do this for you my dear”

Sleep well and rest a while, for now it’s only goodbye

We’ll see you again, embrace and cuddle, and understand that you must fly

It is difficult to end this and say a final piece

So how about we love you Sophie and hope you are at peace xx

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