Breast Is Best Even Dads Can Do It

Breast is best we are all aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and more woman are doing just that, including extended feeding, all over the internet and the television are people promoting breastfeeding and explaining the benefits of doing so, Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies. Plus, babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and bouts of diarrhea.

But there are some dads out there who are using their own nipples to comfort a crying baby, and people are arguing over this.

One mum who wishes to stay anonymous told us ” I personally think men who use nipples to comfort a baby are sick in the head what on earth is wrong with just using a dummy, using your hairy arse nipples is bloody gross, and if you think it is normal you really need to seek mental help”

Val Mitchell however doesn’t agree with the above lady , Val said “What a wonderful idea, dads will gain such a great bond with their precious baby, it’s cheaper than a dummy and when the mum is out the babby still feels the warmth of a body, hears the beat of a heart and has the comfort of the nipple, I wish my husband had done this when mine were small, it would have given me so much more freedom to go out and do a shop or pop and see a friend, my daughter Poppy would only take comfort from nipples so my husband couldn’t stay home alone with our daughter for long”.

What are your thoughts do you think men using their nipples to comfort a baby is okay or just plain wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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