Breastfeeding Is Sexy And Makes Me Money

Breastfeeding is sexy and makes me money

I was blessed with double F breasts, I hit puberty relatively early aged 11 and my breasts just grew and grew.

I am a very happy single mum of 5 but it wasn’t alway this way.

I have had several failed relationships and when my last partner left me I was left in a financial mess and didn’t have a clue how to get myself out of this black hole.

Whilst scrolling the web desperately searching for quick ways to make money I stumbled across a site for men seeking “mummy figures”.

It started with me speaking to them online via webcam and telling them they were bad boys and basically disciplining them, of course I got a fee.

I was approached by one man and asked if I had ever breastfed, he seemed so happy when I replied that I was still feeding my youngest child.

He asked me to lactate on camera I was a tad hesitant until he offered me £400 for the pleasure, how could I resist such an offer and willingly obliged, I have since done live shows and lactated on camera for up to 200 men at a time, it is a huge turn on for them.

The best offer I ever took was £1500 for a man to meet me and feed from my breasts for thirty minutes, it was strange at first but after a few minutes I relaxed and he seemed to throughly enjoy feeding from my engorged breasts.

Lots of men find breastfeeding sexy and it’s given me a lot more confidence plus it has made me financially stable.

I have told few people about this due to negative remarks, the one that sticks in my mind is a friend saying I am putting woman back generations and shouldn’t be sexualising breastfeeding, but the way I see it is it’s easy money and I’m not harming anyone, plus i’m making so many men happy.

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