Brides List Of Demands Are Crazy- Bridezilla

One woman took to Facebook to ask advice in an anonymous forum, let us know in the comments if she is right to be a tad annoyed.

The woman wrote:

I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid next year but the bride has some demands, I just want to know if I am being a dick here!

1) I need long blonde hair. I currently have short red hair I’ve told her I won’t be bleaching however I’ll compromise and wear a wig

2) I need to be size 10. I’m currently an 18 after losing 8 stone this year i’ve told her I will work as hard as I can but I feel that is slightly unrealistic, she won’t budge and will only order my dress in a 10 and I am to pay  the full cost of it.

3) I need to take all my piercings out, including my tongue bar! I’ve told her I will comprise with retainers but my chest piercing can’t come out as I’ll never ever get it back in.

4) (my personal favourite) I need to cover my tattoos. All 15 of them. We are having mid-thigh dresses, I have tattoos on my legs, arms, back, hands, chest and neck. Told her this will not be covered under any circumstances.

5) my husband isn’t coming to the wedding or reception, she doesn’t want us “being cuter than her and her husband” in fairness, he won’t go anyway because he hates her 😂 and we have got 2 kids so he will be home with them

If I don’t adhere to all these rules, I’m out of the bridal party. Am I a wrong for my compromises and basically telling her I don’t want to be involved? It’s a bit high maintenance for my liking!

Would you chance to make the bride happy after all it is her special day or tell her where to go?


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