Brilliant thank you x Im looking for some advice from mummies who have had c-se…


Brilliant thank you x

Im looking for some advice from mummies who have had c-sections. I had an emergency section with my son, 2 and a half years ago. Since then i have been in a lot of pain with it. If i stretch wrong, reach up to get things or do workouts that target my core it feels like my section is tearing open. I had a scan and they couldn’t see anything so wouldn’t look into it any further. Im now 4 months pregnant with my second and the pain is getting alot worse. Even sneezing is leavinf me close to tears because of the pain. My midwife and the specialist i have seen both reckon that i have adhesions on my scar. The consultant i spoke to basically said it was all in my head because i suffer with back pain due to problems with my spine and i have problems with my hips. She was told the pain is completely different and that it is getting worse now. I have been given the option of another section and have been told that if they see any adhesions that they will cut them, but i am currently in 2 mind’s. On one hand i dont really want another section but I dont think my scar will allow me to have a natural birth. My midwife reckons another section may be best due to the pain. I did bounce back very quickly after my first section and was up and walking to my sons ward that night, he was in nicu so wasn’t with me. What I’d like to do is hear from women who have experienced this and if you went onto have another section did it help with the long term pain? This is not a decision im taking lightly and would like to hear from others about their experiences. I have been told that there is a chance that baby will end up in nicu again if a section is done too late as they are more likely to have fluid on their lungs. So any good or bad experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance x



  1. I suffer everyday with pain in my c section scar I can’t even have sex with my partner havnt been able too since I had the section nearly 3 years ago now n doctors won’t even investigate it xxx

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