Can I ave a pp plz Lookin 4 abit of advice plz my friends little boy died last w…


Can I ave a pp plz
Lookin 4 abit of advice plz my friends little boy died last week I really wanna go and c her wen I found out I txted her and she said she doesn’t wanna talk 2 any1 which is understandable I dnt wanna bombard her wiv txtes I was thinkin of goin Wednesday do I just turn up or do I ring her first I neva been in a situation like this b4 I’d rather go wen my kids r in school



  1. Give her space, she will talk when she is ready to. Just send a message that your thinking of her etc, don’t bombard her with messages just check everything is okay every few days and ask if she needs or would like anything:-) best thing to do:-)

  2. When my friend lost her bay girl. I sent a text saying I’m here when you’re ready. I took a card, a candle (to light to remember her by), a dvd and cuddly toy for the other 2 children and a food hamper (as I didn’t think they’d want to do some shopping). I knocked on the door and walked off. She sent me a text saying thank you and for not staying at the door.

  3. I wouldn’t message to go round, message and ask if there is anything you can do to help her such as a school run or a food ship ect. That way she can keep her solitude if she finds I helpful but she knows you are there to help. X

  4. I would maybe leave a text saying ur thinking about her and only reason u hadn’t come to c her is cos she wants time to herself and ur OK with that and when she’s ready just to let u know and ul be around and so on the text will basically show that all she has to do is call or text and ur not feeling in the way if u go round

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