Can i get a PP please? Advice desperately needed! So, im in debt up to my eyeba…

Can i get a PP please?

Advice desperately needed! So, im in debt up to my eyeballs. Im a mother of a 1 year old, and my partner works full time. He finishes at 6 and doesnt get home until 7/7:30 every evening. His days arent fixed and his flexible working was refused. All my family either dont live near by or they work full time throughout the week, same with friends. The job I was meant to go back to I had to leave because it meant putting my child in permenent child care, but because of the hours required to work (shift patterns) the nursery wouldnt have been open. Also, once taking travel (its quite far away), tax and childcare out of my wage, i was actually losing money, so this didnt work. I currently work 2 mornings in the week teaching a mother and baby fitness class, which thankfully i can take my child too, but as its still relitivly new i’m just breaking even. I work 3-4 evenings in a pub (only about 4 hours average a night), but there are no more available hours. Im in SO much debt, I have bills bouncing all over the place, letters coming through the door. Ive never had this happen ever in my life and i really dont know what im supposed to do. I really need advice. How do I work? I dont have any desirable skills, so earning above minimum wage is unlikely, so taking a full time job and putting my daughter into childcare isnt an option. My mom is off weekends so will look after her but for the life of me I cant find a weekend job! I think ive been on all the popular job websites and nothing. We arent entitled to benefits, my partner is on 21k before tax (yes, i know thats a decent amount of money, and wouldnt be an issue if we werent in debt, but its the debt thats the issue and it just keeps building)
How do you moms work? What jobs should i be looking for? Any advice when it comes to debt? I think im just hoping theres an easy answer, and i dont think there is. Help 😢 sorry for the long post


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  1. Hi please reply anonymously to the lady in debt.
    I had a really good job over 30k a year and my partner.. due to circumstances my partner is in a mediocre wage job and I am unemployed. I got a loan when I was earning well and over 300 a month repayment over 7 years. I just can’t cope with it now. I got a credit card to pay my bills and now that’s maxed. I called step change after I received threatening letters. And they are referring me for a debt relief order. Please read up about it… honestly I feel a weight has been lifted from this. Also you can have my details if you need help or update on my debt relief order xx

  2. Hun… breathe… things can be sorted…. I had it all … a very well paid job… beautiful house… then my only daughter who is 16.. then 14 was very poorly and was in shut down mode I nearly lost her… I had cards that I cud afford to pay… but over night I had to give up my job to care for her… I had a nervous break down .my marriage ended… life goes on… I re thought on things…. trivial shit didn’t matter any more to me… I looked at things very very differently… I went to cab…. your only here the once hun.

  3. Try calling your local citizens advice bureau…I know a few people who have got debt relief orders through them which has helped clear some debts… long process but could be worth while. Hope this helps xx

  4. Step change are good for helping with debt. And cause they are a charity any money paid to them will go straight to the debts rather then paying them a percentage too. Also, they may recommend a debt relief order. If you go on their site and fill in a form it shows how they can help xx

  5. Go to a debt company. They will consolidate all debts into one and stop intrest being added. So say 3 separate monthly debt payments would become one manageable payment towards all debts. X

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