Can I get a PPP? Im so fed up of my husbands ex/step kids mam! Finding it reall…

Can I get a PPP?

Im so fed up of my husbands ex/step kids mam! Finding it really tough not to blow my top.

Kid is 10, met hubs when they were nearly 2, so 8 years ago. (They are spilt ip before she knew she was pregnant so nearly 3 years when I met him)

She reacted badly, stopped him seeing them completely. Said he could only see them if he stayed single until kid was 16 and proved he was concentrating on kid. Was a horrific time and cost us 10000 in court fees but contact got set back up and we hoped things would settle with time.

Fast forward 8 years things are no better. He sees him court ordered days and things are great, hes a good dad and they do loads together, but she makes everything so difficult its unreal!

Questions kid within inch of his life about our house, wont swap days for anything even missed his sisters (our babies) birthday party. Wont allow holidays. Wont allow fathers day. Has never in 8 years picked up or dropped off once. Wont comminicate anything,kid admitted to hospital with head injury and she.never told him. Tells kid dad doesnt want him but only sees him to.upset her. Tells kid the court order is not 50/50 because the court knew she was a better parent. Arranges trips away etc for my hubs contact days and.refuses to make up time. You name it she does it. Not to mention telling anyone who listens that she brings them up single handedly cos their dad isnt involved 😣😣

Been to court 7 different times for different things and she just finds new ways so completely pointless trying that again- especially.cos everytime we do she ramps up pressure on kid to tell lies about us.

School said they dont want to get involved

Has anyone got any experience and found anything that works or are we going to be putting up with this until hes an adult! Ita driving me nuts!


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