Can I get a private post please. 3 weeks ago my partner was abusive to me. Firs…


Can I get a private post please.
3 weeks ago my partner was abusive to me. First time it happened and I called the police to report him.
Our son received 2 small scratches from him trying to take him off me.
So now I have social services which terrifies me.
Had a meeting with a solicitor and they won’t give me legal aid for court so that he can see his son (social said they will take both my children if any contact with him, only to be seeing his son again once he takes me to court).
I feel that he should be aloud to see his son even through a contact centre until court is sorted.
Are social always like this? My social worker does not make me feel supported, she just tells me 100 things I must do “or we will have to take the kids into foster care”.
I’ve been truthful about every detail and am working with them and will continue to as I would never do anything to risk losing my children but still terrified that one day they are just going to take them as you always hear stories of it being the innocent mothers losing their kids!. But it is going to affect my son not being able to see his father for so long.
Feel so useless. Had zero support from anyone professionally for myself x



  1. Id ask for a new worker x she should be assessing risk and advising on contact not forcing through court x unless she has assessed it and is saying risk is too high in which case you need to trust her x

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