Can I have a post on the mums advice page please …. Not baby related at all ,…

Can I have a post on the mums advice page please ….

Not baby related at all , I have been with my oh since 2015 , he ended up going to jail for a while (was still with him) but I found out yesterday that he had another lass going to see him and he was sending her letters saying he loves her and all the rest of it , when he got out he continued to talk to her constantly not knowing I new , iv seen all the messages between them arranging to meet & what have you I finally said something to him yesterday and he punched a hole in my kitchen wall (then kicked him out for the night) ….also just found out that he has been messaging his ex partner since November & again him telling her that he loves her and wanting to meet with her so he can give her the time of her life ….. I honestly don’t know what to do as I’m currently pregnant with 2nd baby and he’s now claiming that all he wants is this family and nothing else but I can’t trust him at the moment but I also don’t want to just throw it all away …any advice ladies?? Thanks


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  1. He’s mugged you off and now he has nothing he wants it all back. And if you take him back he might be okay, then again he might think ha I can get away with anything and she will just accept what I say and end up doing it all over again

  2. Tell him to fuck off. He’s lying and cheating on you…. sorry but he’s having the best of all worlds and causing you heartbreak. What Would you tell your daughter to do if she wrote this or your best friend! Stay strong mama you don’t need someone like that in your life❤️

  3. No matter how much u love him and want it to work, he sounds like the biggest sleaze ever! U need to get rid of him, talking to two women that u already know of and ur just letting it slide? No chance , kick him the hell out and don’t bother with him, there’s a difference between forgiving someone for making a mistake and then knowing he is mailing these women and letting him away with him. Get rid of the trash that he is 👋

  4. “I honestly don’t know what to do.. “. You know exactly what you need to do.. How can you keep someone around that’s being unfaithful more than one time? I would have showed up where he and the girl had plan to meet with all his bags and belongings and tell her to accommodate him

  5. Sorry you’ve experienced this and his anger too.. It doesn’t help. I’d ask him to stay away and respect your decision. He won’t respect you until you set boundaries, if he can’t respect those boundaries he doesn’t deserve you xxx

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