Can I have a post put up please?.. Hi, new mum here to a 6week old. Sorry for …

Can I have a post put up please?..

Hi, new mum here to a 6week old. Sorry for long winded post!
As of next week the hubster starts a new shift pattern which means 2days, 2nights & 4off. He’s a paramedic & up until now his rota has been all over the place meaning there’s not much organisation in the house & it’s been getting me down. I got up at 5am yesterday & did a load of housework, ironing & washing before he got up for work whilst baby was still asleep. For the first time in a few months I felt good & normal! It got me thinking about getting into some sort of pattern or routine. Now I completely understand that my little lady will sleep & wake whenever she wants…she feeds in the day every 1-2hours & for the past 4 days in the night every 3hrs (that was 2hrs like clockwork too prior). I don’t have issues with that, she wakes coz she’s hungry & then goes back to sleep. I’m not gagging for her to sleep through the night or anything. Babies wake for a reason, so all good. My question is do you have any routines you stick to & what do you find works/doesn’t work. Routines with babies (night time, regular daytime naps etc), with getting the housework done, with having ‘me time’, having ‘couple time’ etc
For about the past week I’ve been giving my girl a bath around 7pm, having a feed & then we settle in the bedroom quietly. She normally goes to sleep around 930-10pm. It gives me chance to chill in the quiet, catch up on social media, have a read etc too. (Prior to this we just took her up to bed when we went as she was obviously a lot younger & would sleep mostly anyways, waking only really for a feed, change or a cuddle). When he can the hubster brings her downstairs about 6-7am so I can have some uninterrupted sleep (which is a god send!). She naps whenever she falls asleep in the day, but never for long. Where do your babies nap, do you purposefully put them for a sleep & where? I couldn’t tell you at what times she has naps everyday & for how long….should there be a pattern? I did put her up in her crib the other day for a nap to see if she would sleep (I was up there too) & she went for a full hour…usually she just naps down here with me & only for 30mins max.
Just interested in what others do & don’t do…? Thank you! 😊😊


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