Can I have a pp on the private chat page please? Around 1pm this afternoon, my …


Can I have a pp on the private chat page please?

Around 1pm this afternoon, my 5 month old baby rolled off my bed. I changed his bum, placed him in the middle of my double bed, walked out the bedroom to grab his bottle from the kitchen, which is the room next door, and as I turned to walk back into the bedroom I heard the bang and he started screaming. I was out the room for around 5/6 seconds in total. After picking him up I had a panic attack which I managed finally to calm down from after a good ten minutes. He screamed and screamed and himself calmed down after around 5 minutes. I took him straight to a and e and he was checked over and I was told he was fine. No bruising, swelling or marks on his head, all his limbs were fine, no vomiting, no unconsciousness, pupils dilated fine and he was happy, active and smiling. My bed is only around a foot and a half tall and I have carpeted floors so they weren’t overly concerned. They questioned me and sent me home telling me to keep an eye on him. I know I should feel relieved, but I don’t. I’ve never felt like such a bad person in my whole life. Everytime I look at him, I cry. He depends on me to look after him and I let him down today in the worst way. I should of known better than to leave him on the bed. I can’t seem to move on from this. I’m terrified somethings going to happen to him, like a delayed reaction or something. I have anxiety anyway and am exhausted from sleeping so little, and this is just going to make it worse. I don’t know what to do, I just feel like such a bad mum and I feel heartbroken that my baby felt pain because of something I did. I’m really struggling with this and I guess I just needed someone to listen. Thanks to anyone who read this to the end.



  1. Someone once told me whenmy daughter dropped off the bed ‘they ain’t a toddler unless they’ve fallen off the bed’ 😂 it’s happened to the majority of us! I find the more I fuss over my daughter the more she’ll cry, for example I leave her for a few seconds if she falls over, because if I go straight away she will cry, if I leave her she’ll 90% of the time get straight back up and keep going! If after a few seconds she’s still crying I’ll go comfort her and check her over!

  2. Ahh it happens it happens to my when my little girl was young an it played on my mind for days ! I can still remember it now an that was 4 an half years ago , it will be ok just keep an eye on him but I’m sure he will be fine an u take it easy too ♡

  3. Hun it happens, if I felt sad everytine this happens if be down all day every day. My son is now 2 but he’s fallen off the sofa, off my bed etc even with me keeping a close eye on him…even know he’s so clumsy and literally falls over thin air and usually lands on a toy or something. It’s natural for kids to fall.and get bruises and it’s also natural for you to be down about it but honestly it was an accident…dont beat yourself.up over it 💖💖

  4. It happens hun dont worry. My little boy whos 5 months fell off my sofa a couple of weeks ago the scream was horrible. Lots of cuddles and kisses soon sorted that and he was laughing away 15 minutes later! They are tougher than you think and you did the best thing by getting him checked. Just keep an eye on him for the next 24-48 hours to be on the safe side. I bet hes already forgotten what happened. You can do this xxxx

  5. Little ones for you hun! Been there myself! My worst one being we have french windows and it was a lovely day so had them open its a big step down to the garden and yep he decided to be superman he looked awful grazes all over his face! They learn and we learn don’t beat yourself up! And take no notice of bashing! Make a brew have a sit and tomorrow is a new day your baba will be just fine xx

  6. Accidents happen, my 15 month old just recently fell off my couch and hit the coffee table on the way down! You can’t prevent all falls and bumps and bruises! Try not to worry if he has been checked and all is fine then that’s all that matters! X

  7. Don’t feel bad I did the same thing on my son and his turned out fine his 19 now u should never put yourself down I’m sure your a great mum and babies are hard work but worth it enjoy every minute of him xx

  8. I have 5 kids and i can safely say probly all my kids 1 point fell of doesnt feel good at time. And as get older more u have u realise theyre gona hav accidents at some point x

  9. Its happened to so many of us sweetheart, and as your baby gets bigger his bumps and bruises will become a daily occurrence. I have anxiety and i get the same way as you when one of my kids have a bump xx

  10. My daughter feel over my headboard once, It happens :), Last night she was sleeping on bed with me and rolled off the edge, She must have rolled all the way to the edge, few tears and she’s fine…’ll be surprised how much they bang their heads when they are up and walking.

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