Can I have a pp please! I just need to rant!!!! I literally cannot STAND my mo…

Can I have a pp please!
I just need to rant!!!!
I literally cannot STAND my mother in law!! 😡😡😡 she’s so rude and childish ALWAYS writing sly status about me thinking I won’t know there about me 🙄 always sticking her poxy nose into mine and her sons relationship. She’s literally such a lonely old woman! 2 out of her 3 children don’t talk to her cause how nasty she is and her son completely hates her anyway and makes it quite clear but still talks to her as he lives there. I’m struggling with my partner at the moment and I struggling the most wanting to make things better simply because how much she ruins things for us! I don’t know if it’s even worth it! How does everyone else deal with there mil? 😂😡


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  1. Sorry can I have one more post added. I just wanted to know really if you still lived a happy life with your other half’s even though the mil is completely insane and ruins everything? I had a brilliant relationship with my ex family and hate not getting on with this family now. It’s quite draining and don’t know if it’s just worth leaving all together!

  2. Can you please add to my post saying I have a daughter and that’s why she’s on my Facebook. (Her granddaughter) she causes so much trouble and Agg I think simply cause she’s bored! Always telling literally anyone she can about the stuff going on between me and her son. Always having to ask what’s going on. I love to go in full detail with what I have to deal with but I’d be writing a book! She rung me at half 11 last night because her son hadn’t come home and it turned into an hour long conversation about why we’d not together and I shouldn’t lead him on because I had him here for Christmas Day becauSe he wanted to wake up with he’s daughter. I have to be so careful with what I say cause she literally turns my life into a nightmare otherwise.

  3. It all depends on if he is making it clear to his mother that it is not acceptable and she is to respect you! But if he’s pretending it’s not happening and ignoring it because he is too scared to stand up to his mother from being disrespectful to you then that’s a sure sign that she will continue to do as she pleases for as long as you are together and it will cause a rift between you. Goodluck my ex never stood up for me against his family and I had enough of being bullied and have no contact with them at all. It’s negative stress nobody needs in their lives!

  4. Try 16 yrs of the bitch! And she still don’t get the hint. Doesn’t help her son never backs his wife or kids up against her. Thinking it’s acceptable to snatch at my daughters wrist in anger and discipline. ( her words )She still hasn’t gone away just a bit quieter in case I tell everyone!

  5. I have a great relationship with my Inlaws I’m so very lucky..
    sit down
    Talk to your other half put it down An if he don’t have a word then you do it but act the adult she will show true colours

  6. Why do you have her on your social media …unfollow her and block if necessary … and if he lives there with her and not with you there isn’t much to do other than ignore her and stay away from her place

  7. Like all her posts or comment ohhh yes I hate people like that. Laugh behind her in other rooms and smile at her all the time. Wen she walks by u start to sniff up like she smells. Knock her confidence. Give as u get x good luck x ps if u go to her house block her loo or better leave a bob a don’t flush lol x

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