Can I have a pp please my 4 year old lg has just told me she swallowed money whi…

Can I have a pp please my 4 year old lg has just told me she swallowed money while she was shopping with her nanny which was on Wednesday I asked her nanny if she new anything about it and she has said my daughter never mentioned it but she did have either a 1p or 2p coin she’s not in any pain and is happy as anything is it dangerous to swallow money ? Would I need to bring her to a&e even doh it’s 4 days later ?


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  1. My sister swallowed a pound when she was younger (my nan gave us £2 each) when my mum took her to the hospital the woman said how did you do that, so my sister took the other £1 & showed her 🤦🏼‍♀️ luckily they didn’t get lodged an showed up on a scan the next morning in her stomach, they said it’ll pass on it’s own x

  2. It’s not causing her distress, she’s obviously been lucky if she has swallowed anything.
    Maybe just give NHS direct a quick call or call the Drs in the morning for advice/see what they say, obviously making the point that she’s not bothered by it if she has got a coin in her!
    Make sure she’s had a good telling now though of how dangerous coins are. These things happen but she’s lucky!

  3. Yes my lg swallowed 5c, seemed fine too but thank god we brought her to hosp, she ended up needing an emergency scope to remove it, it was lodged in her wind pipe, if it had of moved it would of be really serious

  4. You need to get her scanned so they know it’s not stuck anywhere it shouldn’t be! I’d take her a&e my older sister did this when she was about 4 it was a 5p and she had to be scanned to make sure it would pass safely and not lodged anywhere

  5. I would personally get her checked over. I don’t mean to frighten you but sometimes things can get stuck. They will do an X-ray to see if they can locate the money, she should be ok though xx

  6. My son done this with a 20p when he was 2 took him to a&e they xrayed him it was there told me it would pass within a few days it didnt so took him bk again and then they said up to a week it did eventually pass

  7. I swallowed a coin when I was probably 8/9 had an X-ray you could see it in my stomach and it just naturally passed. I don’t remember being in any discomfort x

  8. My little girl once swallowed a marble took her a and e but didn’t show up on the X Ray as it was see through luckily she passed it 2 days later, I’d defo ring up and double check x

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