Can I have a PP please? My bf moved over seas to be with me almost 1 year ago. …

Can I have a PP please?

My bf moved over seas to be with me almost 1 year ago. He left his gf then and his son (he doesn’t believe the child is his) His mum hates that we are together I guess cause he just got up and left them behind. His ex is so obsessed with him, always finds something to message about even now she’s with someone else and pregnant and his mum is so far up her arse. Every time he speaks to his family they phone her straight away to let her know our business. My family don’t go out of there way to speak to my daughters dad and my daughters gran parents on my exs side don’t speak to me and want to know my business to pass on to my ex. Am I the only one that finds it odd? For my bfs mum to have her grandson over night the ex has to stay there to. He wants to get a DNA test done to see if the little boy is his. He says he wants me to have his children but I can’t help but think he could do the same to me someday. He says he wants to marry me and doesn’t want his family involved but that’s not how I wanted my wedding, I always pictured the grooms mum involved with planning. If I was to plan anything with his mum his ex would know about it to. His friends have even told me that his family won’t be happy for him unless he’s with his ex and son but he wasn’t happy and that’s why he left. It’s been almost a year and his family still haven’t came around to the fact he’s found someone new. Everyday it’s draining me. I don’t want to marry into a family that hates me and I’m not sure I want kids with someone who can get up and leave like that. Am I selfish? Am I wasting my time with him? What would you do? Help me.

Think I covered just about everything lol x


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