Can I have a pp pls So my lg aged 6 has suffered with her ears and throat since…

Can I have a pp pls

So my lg aged 6 has suffered with her ears and throat since she was a baby, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed at 3, she had grommets inserted as she had glue ear, she’s now had grommets 3 times, she recently just had an Ent app and her hearing test was very bad, her last set of grommets are now gone from her ears, she suffers with ear infections now every couple of weeks and her hearing is also infected, there now saying that they can’t put the grommets in again as they don’t like doing them after a 3rd time, they’ve
Said the next step would probably be a hearing aid but surely that won’t help stop the infections, I’m so concerned about her, they told me to wait 3 months and they’ll test her Again and discuss the next options …. just wondering if anyone has ever had or has a child suffering with the same issues ???


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    My main concern which I’ll be asking is, surely this is causing more and more damage to her ear drums too, I know there left with scars after the op to insert t grommets but there has to other solutions , they cant expect a child to keep taking antibiotics every 2 weeks , ill be writing down a list of questions when I’m back and i won’t be leaving this time till I get answers …,

  2. I’m in the same boat with my nearly 2 year old.. Constant infections had gromits and they lasted 6 months.. Got further tests and sleep study but she’s still flat lining her hearing test.. I think ent would look more into hearing them stopping infections if they’ve already done the most they can which is horrible I hope they sort my little girls out this year again x

  3. We are in exactly the same boat with my 6 year old son. We haven’t really suffered with his throat but his ears are just something else.
    We’ve had grommets, made so much difference. But they just keep falling out. We now have another appointment to see if they are going to continue down the route of hearing aids. Feel free to inbox me if you want a chat xx

  4. My 9 year old has had 3 lots of Grommets and lost count of infections. Turns out it was cholesteatoma. A very rare inner ear disease that destroys the ear. He ended up having a 5 hour operation to remove the infection and had his ear drum rebuilt. Left him with 10% hearing in his right ear. Please get them to check. The surgeon said it’s so rare some doctors never see it in a lifetime x

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