Can i have a ppp? I was on holidays a little while ago with a group of friends a…


Can i have a ppp? I was on holidays a little while ago with a group of friends and one person who im mates with but not close to or anything just see him when were on nights out together as hes friends with my friends, (lets call him Jake) anyways… one of the nights we went to a club and i had a few drinks but a while later this rush of feeling absolutely beyond drunk and sick came over me (i hadnt drank that much so putting it down to the hot weather and me not been used to it) i asked my friend lets call him Tom if he and another friend if they would walk me back to where we where staying which they did, now Tom is an absolute sweetheart i was been sick all the way home he put me in his bed (the friend i was staying with was back at the club with they key to our place) took shoes off etc and stayed til i fell asleep which i remember as i has eventually stopped been sick and dozed off..
the next morning i woke up abd Jake was in the bed next to mine which was his anyways as i said i stayed in Toms bed as i was locked out of my place, but my playsuit was unzipped the whole way down the back and i know 100% it was not like that going to bed as i wouldnt of been able to open it anyways i had to get my friend to do the zip for me when we where getting dressed, so i left and went back to my own place and joined them for breakfast later , they where saying how sick i was and it was so strange as i hadnt drank much etc and we where saying how the heat would mess with your head when Jake says ‘yeah u where in such a bad state i had to keep arguing with you to not lie on your back incase you choked and i kept having to turn you on your side , so i said oh i thought Tom stayed with me until i was asleep (which i remember) and he said yeah but him and the other friend went to look for the friend we left at the club and that Jake stayed to ensure i was ok.
So anyways the playsuit being unzipped was really bugging me and i know that i was finished been sick when i fell asleep as there was nothing left and i was feeling better so i told my best friend (the one who was still at the club lets call him Max) about it and how i thought it was strange and he confided in me that Jake has been taken to court previously for something that happened between him and a girl down an alley but he didnt know what it was about. Now im thinking did he unzip my outfit and feel me up or something? What do you girls think? *i would never accuse him of this as it was my own faukt for getting in such a drunken state but i just want to hear your oppinnions for peace of mind 😕 do you think im being silly or do you think im right to be feeling concerned and to be honest a bit violated 😞


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