Can I have a ppp My sons almost 5 and I think I’ve been in denial for a while …

Can I have a ppp 😟

My sons almost 5 and I think I’ve been in denial for a while ☚ī¸

His speech isn’t very good , he doesn’t join in with other kids he just plays on his own , he won’t play with toys (no bashing please I spend ages trying buying him new toys he picks but he doesn’t bother with them, or play with me with them )he would spend his whole day on the iPad if I let him , he will go outside but it’s a constant battle as he just runs out the garden he listens on his bike but not walking 🙁 , he won’t let me read to him at night 😞, it takes me 3 hours to get him to bed at night and I’m a single mum and I work x

He can’t sit and watch a film and hates loud noises he can’t manage the cinema or fire alarms etc 😞😞

He also has a temper and lashes out only to me

Nursery have told me there referring him and she’d tell me more about it tomorrow anyone any ideas what this could all be I don’t want him Labelled but I want to be able to help 😞😞😞


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  1. There are a lot of similar traits to autism mentioned but best to get the referral to get a diagnosis if any. It can be very frustrating for a child with autism as they can’t express their feelings like we would. I hope you get the answers you need for you and your little boy xx

  2. Good they are looking into it for you, once they know what the issue is, they can get you help and advice. If it is autism or something else, all you’ve got to then do is find his ‘happy’ as I call it. It may be slightly different to what people expect, but with help and support, your boy will thrive. My twins have ADHD and suspected autism. Before diagnosis, life for us all was so hard, but now we know what we are dealing with and with some changes, we have a brilliant home life. School is a work in progress, but they have come so far and are improving every day. Having a label is not such a bad thing either, I find most people are very understanding of their behaviours once explained. Good luck. X

  3. It’s not a label it’s a diagnosis your not a bad mum sounds like autism possibly more it took years of hell till my son got a diagnosis if you have the opportunity to get one now I would strongly advise you do the earlier the better you both have a right to know what it is and he has a right to treatment but beware your on for a long journey it can take months to get an appointment

  4. I think it’s difficult to say. From what you’re describing there are autistic traits. Don’t panic! Trust me , no one will be keen to label him. If it is autism the earlier he is diagnosed and given the correct support the better. I have an autistic child, he’s 19 now, although life can be challenging he’s working full time and living independently with support.

  5. Sounds like autism my mams been through such a battle since my brother was 2 he’s now nearly 12 and only just been diagnosed and still waiting for help with school etc every days a battle but stick to your guns and you will get what help and support you need x

  6. I don’t have no diagnostic, however, please try not to be worries about the ‘lable’ what ever it is… see it as a ticket for your child to get the support he needs. Many children suffer in education etc for not having “a lable” and teachers and parents struggle to get the funding to support these children. See this referral as a blessing as you will not only get answers but u and you son will be entitled to the support he may need to learn how to cope in certain situations and be able to have a happy education 😊

  7. Sounds like autism but that’s fine cos he is still ur loving little boy 💙 take all the help from the nursery and u should get it carried on into school in September. I thought I had the same problem with my son as well. Just remember ur doing a brilliant job being a single mum and working in in ur boat too as well. X

  8. Sounds like my eldest at that age even now she’s 12 something that I was asked that did get me thinking was does she know how to play used to spend hours playing and she never really copied or played her playing is sorting out board games she struggles with friendships etc but it’s just her apparently she’s lack of understanding and a couple years behind educationally

  9. Sounds like my boy – he has autism.
    Doesn’t change who ur child is tho and isn’t ur fault Hun
    Ur quicker going to GP and asking for a pediatrician referral yourself than school doing it –
    School told me this x

  10. I thought that about my son, I didnt want him “labelled” but honestly dont see it like that, see at as your helping him, it could be a number of things but getting a referral will get the help he needs to cope with everything.

  11. Sounds similar to my 4 year old he’s currently being assessed for autisim, I get how your feeling you feel like your a crap parent but your not and once he’s referred you can start getting the support he needs to help him cope . Xx

  12. My kids gave ASD and this all sounds very familiar. Getting an assessment and diagnosis will open all sorts of support. It was quicker for me to go through my GP though.

  13. Id just like to say that every single child is different and that it is nothing you have done at all that has caused this. As for being referred, that again is not a bad thing. It’s actually a good things as he’ll get the help that he needs. I’ve worked in nurseries and it’s nothing scary and doesnt make your child feel different or anything. Someone will most likely come and assess him and he may be appointed an SEN practitioner in the nursery that can do activities with him. It really does work, I have seen it work myself. It can take time but the improvement have seen in some children is fab. It’s good that it has been picked up on in nursery so he can start the process before he starts school. It does sound like autism to me x

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