Can I have a ppp sorry it’s going to be a little long I’m 20 + 4 by the time mos…

Can I have a ppp sorry it’s going to be a little long I’m 20 + 4 by the time most of you will read this.

I don’t know whether I’m being paranoid or just lucky I’ve not had a ‘normal’ pregnancy by any standard I never got morning sickness my husband suffered with that (badly).

between 6w to 8w I had a really bad rash that covered my whole body I just thought this was chicken pox as I’d never had it.

it was itchy and uncomfortable I got little to no sleep that cleared up thankfully but I am left with scars.

Now with recent symptoms, I’ve got numbness in my right thigh now I’m getting bigger it gets to the point where my leg feels cold and then a shooting pain goes up and into my hips but it quickly stops but it can reduce me to tears, I have got SPD I’m on the bigger side so this was expected, my sense of smell has not changed.

My craving is sweets and strawberries and cream with a lot of sugar (normally) not a sugary person I’ve only just started to feel my little one move recently I had a miscarriage 2 years ago so this is a relief but I don’t know when I should start monitoring even though I couldn’t bare losing another one, I was so bad with the previous miscarriage I had to be signed off work because of severe anxiety.

I’ve gone back since I went back last year so maternity leave is not an issue, but I still can’t be in a full room this is difficult as I’m deputy manager of a nursery I’m fed back what was said in meetings when I go into work the next day or by one of my colleagues via phone call,

my worry is I don’t know whether they have separate rooms after you have delivered the baby at my local hospital and being on a ward with other mums is making my heart palpitate just at the thought I’m worried about being judged as I’m almost 25 but barely look 18 (I’m asked for ID even for lottery tickets).

I’m looking for a bit of assurance as I’m so nervous I’ve never made it this far before and don’t want it all to go belly up again just to face heartbreak thanks for being patient


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