Can i have a ppp? How do other mums who have split up with there childrens dads…


Can i have a ppp?

How do other mums who have split up with there childrens dads get along with them and there new girlfriends? Im civil a lot of the time but sarchastic,shitty comments dont go unnoticed and we end up arguing. Why should i pretend i like them when i cant stand them? Obviously in front of my son we act civil.



  1. Honestly my ex doesn’t have a gf atm but last time he did she threatened me with courts and told social I was on class a drugs… 1: I’m epileptic and 2: my ex only bothered with my kids when she was around. After they split my kids didn’t see him for 6 months. Not even a card on their birthdays. We’ve been split for 3 years an this year I’ve decided unless it’s about his contact on Sundays or emergencies I refuse to talk to him because all he goes on about is our past relationship that didn’t work (he left me but still talks about it) I’m currently pregnant with someone else’s child an he makes snarky remarks about my unborn constantly. I don’t like him an I think he’s turned into a disgusting human being since the split so… I’m only civil when he has the kids now. I don’t talk about him to the kids or badmouth him to others in front of them. I’m civil for them. That’s all we can do xx

  2. We don’t. I’ve tried for 3 years with my ex but it never lasts as his gf has him wrapped round her finger. My partners ex was ok… but soon as she finds out we’ve done something she’s jealous of it kicks off… we never take my kids out without hers (except a concert that tickets were bought for my daughters bday before I met my partner…she kicked off at that)… basically she thinks my kids get treated different to hers. Shes taking her kids abroad this year so we were going to take mine away same time… that’s not fair apparently. Literally nothing is good enough… my partner has their kids every weekend… still not good enough’ Some people won’t get on no matter how much you do or try.

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