Can i have a ppp My partner and i have been together 3 years he has a son and i…

Can i have a ppp

My partner and i have been together 3 years he has a son and i have kids to previous relationship all was great to start his son stayed overnight 2 nights of week got on with my kids great he was lovely and loved coming to stay esp being around my kids as he was a lonely child, my partner ex started being funny after i fell pregnant with our first baby which i lost at 6 weeks šŸ˜¢ she started calling and texting alot my partner would jump threw hoops she said jump he said how high, anyway i let them deal with issues between there son as i didnt want to interfer as its not my place i then fell pregnant again and she seemed so much more crazier and told my partner he wasnt to see his son again and stopped all contact, this has destroyed him, i thought maybe jelous ex she would come round but they split when there son was a baby hes now 7 years old, our daughter is 22 months old now and never seen her brother hes tryed all ways of contacting her as shes blocked him on everything pleading and pleading with her to let him see his son but she doesnt budge, before we met he had this hassle and went to court and paid court fees and got help with legal aid but due to loosing his job he couldnt afford to keep paying legal aid to go to court again since then started working and we are trying our best to clear this debt so he can see his boy again but still along way off clearing it, has anyone any help or advice please its just destroying my partner and we want our daughter to see her brother, i no my partners exs best friend and bumped into her she said ny partner little boy misses him so much and always asks for him, how can she be so selfish and not think of her son why does she get the right to stop this its so unfair as i said my patner would walk 1000 miles to see his son,

So sorry for long post advice would greatly be appreaciated X


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