Can i have a private post please ? Do you guys think im being unreasonable ? I…


Can i have a private post please ?
Do you guys think im being unreasonable ?
I currently live with my partners mum with our son and she has told us we need to move out before he 17 year old and his girlfriend have their baby in september which i dont mind as i am currently pregnant with my second so ive been saving to put back the deposit for when we find a place so we can move straight out. She has decided to go butlins for christmas with her eldest her 4 children her 17 year old his what will be daughter and his girlfriend and then her younger 2 children and her partner. Me and my osrtner agreed we would not be able to afford to go to butlins and move out and have our second child in december so we told her we were not going. Then all of a sudden this morning she turns arounds and tell me to stay with my mother and what will be my one year old and new born so she could have my other half for christmas which would mean he wouldn’t see his kids for christmas as he would not want to take the kids away from me knowing that i would have only just had my second baby. After my first i was really ill and ended up being in hospital for a week and ended up on anti depressents i was very ill after my first so i said i would rather not go away this christmas and go away next year with them all. I am really annoyed with the fact she has turned around and told me to basically fuck off for christmas but she hasnt invited her other daughter who will also have 2 kids at this time …. am i wrong for being annoyed at her?



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