Can I have a private post please? Hi mums, my baby boy is just coming up for 6 …


Can I have a private post please?
Hi mums, my baby boy is just coming up for 6 weeks and I think he has colic, but don’t think we can wait to get him to the doctors in the morning he’s breaking his heart, can you phone nhs 24 for advice?
Thanks in advance 😊



  1. They won’t be able to do anything for colic im afraid & Drs won’t be able to do much either. You should look into changing his bottles (if you haven’t already), I switched my daughter to the MAM anti colic bottles, but a lot of people also recommend Dr Brown’s. You can also try infacol, dentinox, gripe water or colief. I used infacol for a short while for my daughter, found them pretty useless after a week or so. Dentinox I found to be the best. Gripe water didn’t do much at all tbh. Never used colief but have heard good things about it, but you have to wean baby off of it & that’s what put me off using it for my daughter. Also try a bit of baby massage, rubbing tummy clockwise & down the left hand side (there are a few other ones, & some helpful videos on YouTube). Going for a walk, in the car or if you have a swinging chair may also help, or even just pushing baby in the pram in the house. Also try feeding baby in a sat up position, stop feeding for breaks & wind & obviously wind baby after. Also keep baby sat upright for at least 15 minutes after feed. You could also try a nice warm bath. Biycyle legs & bending legs to tummy may help, also laying baby on their tummy (to wind & just relax/sleep). Have you also considered reflux? The symptoms are quite similar to colic, but you can get infant gaviscon from the Drs for that (but it can make baby constipated). Also once you have tried everything you may need to consider allergies or maybe switching to comfort milk, but only change the milk as a last resort as it can upset your baby’s tummy more. Good luck & hope you get it sorted soon xxx

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