Can I have a private post please Hun… So ladies please no bashing but I need…


Can I have a private post please Hun…

So ladies please no bashing but I need some advice about my unborn son.. his dad and I broke up before I fount out I was pregnant, he’s a frequent weed smoker, no job to provide for the baby, the baby wasn’t planned however I’m against abortion and knew that I had to step up and be the best Mum I can, however when I told him he was supportive and told me he’ll be involved. A few weeks later he became nasty and volatile towards me, threatened me and the baby, told me the baby wasn’t his and that he didn’t want to be involved. Up until the 20 week scan he was involved then he wasn’t, kept threatening me etc… and I told him he can’t be involved as he can’t be trusted and my unborn sons welfare comes first! He’s since tried to contact friends of mine to contact me (he’s blocked on everything because of the threatening and everything)… so my question is what would you ladies do in my situation? Would you allow him to be involved or not? If he was to be involved what steps would you put in before the baby is born (due December 30th)? He’s got a new girlfriend and I’ve been with my new partner now since July and my partner he’s amazing! So supportive and does everything for my and my son, can’t fault him at all! Just want some advice please ladies Xx



  1. I wouldn’t have him involved it will only get worse!! Tel the hospital his name so he can’t turn up ring social services and tel them everything and that you don’t want him involved they will put all steps into place and help you to make sure he won’t come near you, he takes drugs I wouldn’t have that around my child either so youve done the right thing x

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