Can I have a private post please? I am pregnant to my ‘friend’ and as soon as I …


Can I have a private post please? I am pregnant to my ‘friend’ and as soon as I found out I told him, he wasn’t happy first said baby isn’t his, then that I was lying about it and then that he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby, when I went for my Scan I sent him picture to let him know everything was ok as I said I would! Anyway what I’m saying is when baby is born do I send him a picture and let him know or do I just leave him be and get on with it? Thanks x



  1. To be honest- id send pic then leave it at that. Don’t bother chasing. I’m 6 weeks off a section , the dad got back in touch after 7months of not bothering, and he still barely bothers now. Send pic- but for other stuff- don’t go out of the way if you hear nothing back after sending pic xx

  2. Tell him you are going to put him under child support. Lets see if that doesnt scare him… send him a picture and tell him to have a DNA test done after baby is born

  3. While everyone else gets the lanterns and pitchforks ready I’m curious… How long ago did you tell him before this post? Have you spoke to him since you told him apart from sending the scan? By the sound of it he’s shit himself because he wasn’t expecting this to happen. He may need time to get his head around it all. In all honesty in these situations men tend to freak the fuck out and make stupid rash decisions.

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