Can I have a private post please – I just want opinions it sounds stupid to som…


Can I have a private post please –

I just want opinions it sounds stupid to some of you lot & a lot may say I sound selfish and pathetic but I don’t care I don’t want no bashing I just want your opinions in the nicest way possible x

So I live with my mother and my daughter & I pay to live here I buy my own food I pay for my own toiletis daughters food all the things I need ect , and we’ll the last month my brother has been staying .. however he’s 21 and is staying here rent free ,he eats all the food he baths everyday I’ve caught him taking baccy out of my bag before , he just expects everybody to support him financially all the time, so I’ve had a little argument with my mum as she’s now asking me to up my rent because she can’t afford a lot of things , I wanna move out but I have to wait until March until I can go onto bidding system as something happened ,it may not be my business who pays my mum what but I can’t help but feel really p’ssed off the fact that I’m having to pay rent , buy my own food for me and daughter , my own expenses yet my bro doesn’t have to pay a penny , baring in mind we’ve all tried to help him and support him and tried everything we could we’ve all provided for him when I had my own place from the start I was allowing him to stay only I had to leave due to problems where I was living . I suppose thus is more of a rant than owt everybody thinks I’m being stupid which I probably am but why can’t he just get a job or get some kind of money or do something with he’s life



  1. I think this is unfair you having to pay your way and he doesn’t, plus you’ve got a child to think of, I take it he has no responsibilities? He has no job then there’s job seekers or universal credit, he can still pay rent out of that. Your money is basically paying for him living there too! Ultimately it’s your mother’s fault. When i lived with parents and my brother did at the same time he worked full time and I did part time so he earnt more money than me and paid more board, it was worked out on our individual earnings so it was fair. That’s how it should be fair and equal.

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