can i have a private post please, it may be long. sorry! i’m currently a singl…


can i have a private post please, it may be long. sorry!

i’m currently a single mum with a one year old who turns two in october. i left his dad back when my lb was 6 months, due to him being controlling and mentally abusing me. every other month i will get unblocked and get called every name under the sun, i’ve been told to change his last name due to my lb being more my family than his. he’s told people that my son isn’t his. and just so much petty stuff. i was going to college and my little one was attending nursery, i got kicked out of college due to not attending as much as i should, as my child got sick and i had no one other than me to look after him and the college wouldn’t help. i’m struggling to buy things for my little one, i wasn’t so much before as he was tiny, but now he’s running around ruining his clothes, growing in and out of everything like no tomorrow, his birthday and christmas so close together. will it be wrong of me to look into child mainstance? i’ve left it awhile as i didn’t want the hassle, i didn’t want to be in contact with the father anymore due to how much he depresses me. i’ve tried asking for some help of him and he just tells me how disgusted he is in me and want nothing to do with us. he has a new girlfriend and from what i heard is also trying for a baby, i just don’t want to look like the salty ex trying to get money of him? i’ve tried so many ways, i’ve asked him to buy nappies fourtnighly, ive asked as little for £5 but i still get abuse.


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