Can I have a private post please, it’s a long one, sorry… I am a single mum, …


Can I have a private post please, it’s a long one, sorry…

I am a single mum, my daughters Dad left me 5 years ago and I took a lot of time out of the dating scene to concentrate on my daughter and her happiness however I decided last year that it may be time for her to see her mum happy as well. So I let my guard down and let someone in. We got together late last year, he has kids of his own and had been through a lot in his previous relationship, obviously we both came with baggage. We had a discussion at the beginning of our relationships that we both had a five year plan. That we both wanted kids but not if it came after 5 years, just with the ages of our kids and the age that we are. Personal choices. He told me that he wanted to get married and wanted to live together, which was great because it’s what I wanted too. However after he got more involved with me and my daughter he decided that he didn’t want either any more. That we would never be more than what we are at the moment. And at the moment we see each other once a week for one night max a week. I wanted to see him more but he didn’t want to. We have decided to go our separate ways because we’ve now realised we are both on different paths with different end goals in life.. Anyway, the reason I’m posting is because despite losing him and it hurting a lot, I’ve had time to reflect and what it has made me realise is I’m lacking some friends and some support. I am feeling really alone. I have friends and they’re good friends but they all have their own lives and are all in relationships so finding time to see them is hard. My question is at a grown age with a primary school aged child where on earth do I find some friends? Just someone to talk to and spend time with. Maybe even ones with kids my daughters age so she can play out of school with friends and show her her mummy is trying and not moping about the house alone. Thanks in advance 😘


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