Can I have a private post please. Okay girls. No bad replies please I feel si…


Can I have a private post please.

Okay girls. No bad replies please

I feel sick to my stomach, I check my sons head he’s 4 in nursery every single week. An I’ve found nits 😷 I hate the idea of them. I’ve got them all out cleaned and away. I’ve just done my head to find I’ve caught them to. I honestly feel like shaving my hair of they make me feel disgusting. Throw ideas at me to keep them out of our heads. This is the first Time he’s had them. An I feel like such a bad mother it’s unreal I feel like I’ve failed him 😞 anybody know the best stuff to use to use on both our heads tomorrow again and to keep them away 😭. Thank you. Please don’t judge me. Xx



  1. Hun nits are a part of mum life. I felt the same way when my girl first had em. Kids will catch em all throughout primary school, as will u. Promise ur not a bad mum and in a few years u will be a pro at picking em n crunching em each month x

  2. Nit comb and conditioner every day or every other day for a few weeks, the big metal one for £10 (nitty gritty?) and I’ve been using vosene for kids for my youngest, it’s green and has lice repellent in, think eucalyptus and tea tree, it’s a 3 in 1, but it seems to work, hasn’t had any creepy crawlies since he’s been using it, it does come with a warning not to use if you have epilepsy as tea tree and eucalyptus can help trigger a seizure, my 20 year old has nocturnal epilepsy altho he doesn’t use the shampoo himself he hasn’t had a seizure because his brother has used it

  3. I always giggle at post to these maybe it comes with experience of 2 girls who caught them all the time tried every home remedy everthing in the chemist fact is there are parents who dnt do their kids hair so they constantly passing them on. Ive caught nits many of times im not dirty im not a bad mum its just part of childhood wait for thread worms lol x

  4. When you get them out, use a cup of water with some pure tea tree oil in, rinse it through both of your hairs and leave it in.
    It repels them.
    Best nit stuff i had was in a spray bottle, don’t have to leave it on too long either.

    Don’t feel like you have failed!!!! It’s something they all get when they start playing with others!
    Plus, you getting them too means you are close and loving with your little one!

    Chin up, you aren’t a bad mom at all ❤️❤️

  5. Its a normal part of childhood, nit nurses use to go to schools, absolutely no reason to feel ashamed, I have recently treated my head for head lice and I’m a granny . All clear now and no lasting side effects. X

  6. Tea tree oil products work great. Every kiddy gets nits it’s part of being a child . Tell the teacher also so they can send letters out an any other parents of children he may have been around .

  7. If you nip into your pharmacy they will be able to help you. I’m not sure if it’s the same everywhere but where a live they all want proof so you need to take a nit in to prove they have nits. I’m the same as you though the thought of them makes me Ill. You defo aint the only person who thinks the same. Good luck and hopefully this time tomorrow they will be gone. X

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