Can I have a private post please to mums advice private chat. LONG POST! I’ve …


Can I have a private post please to mums advice private chat.
I’ve been with my partner almost 2 years since I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter, the relationship started off perfect and from the day I gave birth we have always referred to him as my daughters dad as the biological dad doesn’t want anything to do with her and also he gave permission for us to call my partner dad.
We went through an awful patch in our relationship 3 months after “our” daughter was born, I couldn’t trust him and I admit that was all down to past relationships, he used to spend a lot of time with another girl and go to her house all of the time but I’m very sure nothing has happened between them they were just really good friends and have been before we got together, the relationship turned really bitter between us because of him going round there and texting her 24/7 but thankfully it stopped but only in these past 5 months. He would always say things to hurt me and say things to get a bite out of me and piss me off and that really was upsetting, when we were going through a very bad time he completely stopped making any effort with my little one and wouldn’t even play with her.
I found out at the start of the year, march, that I was 7 weeks pregnant with his baby and since then the relationship has gone back to how it was at the start, it’s great and he makes so much more effort than he did with my little girl, he plays with her and occasionally looks after her whilst I nip to the shop or have a shower but with me being 37 weeks pregnant I’m absolutely knackered.
In the 2 years we’ve been together he’s never cooked me a meal, breakfast, dinner or tea, he has literally tidied up 3 times, and this was 5 weeks ago. He’s never had our little girl longer than 30 minutes without me being there so I literally never have time to myself.
In these 2 years he’s never changed a nappy, never made her tea or dinner, or even fed her it when I’ve made it.
I spend all day everyday with my little girl and all I ever do is tidy, cook every meal, wash up, wash all our clothes (as he’s 22 and still cant use a washing machine) change nappy after nappy and make and feed her every meal.
I genuinely feel like a single mum, he lives with me yet I do everything on my own and don’t get longer than 30 minutes every week or so to myself, I still have a bath every single night but have to share it with my little girl.
I pay all every single bill on my own and pay for food/toiletries, even though he uses everything in the house..
The thing that’s really pissing me off at the minute is the fact that he comes home from work and goes straight upstairs for a bath(which I’ve told him I’m struggling to afford the gas and electric) he spends an hour in there and then comes down goes straight on his phone and normally sits on it all night on social media, if it’s not his phone then it’s the PS4, he doesn’t come home and play with his little girl before she has tea, bath and then goes to bed even though all she does is shout him. We have a tv downstairs which is the only tv that I can watch due to not having sky upstairs and the upstairs tv not having free view or even a DVD player. I’ve said if he wants to come home and go straight on that then can he take it upstairs because I have to sit there and watch him playing games but he is refusing to take his PS4 upstairs because that telly isn’t as good quality unlike the ultra HD downstairs so it still results in me just sitting there.
Fair enough he works and I don’t but it still doesn’t mean i have “an easy life compared to him” as he says, I’m just so worried about the fact I’m due a baby any day and he just will not change, I’ve tried everyone, even spoke to his mum and she’s had words with him, nothing is working but I love him with my life and so does our girl and I’m sure the other baby will too, I don’t want to leave him but it’s going to be so hard with a new born and 16 month old basically doing it alone anyways, sorry for the long post but what else can I do?! I’m getting so fed up, I’m only 20 I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this😫


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