Can I have a private post to relevant page please. Me and my partner are literal…


Can I have a private post to relevant page please.
Me and my partner are literally at breaking point and I don’t know if to walk away or not.
When we got into a relationship I fall pregnant pretty quick, I already had 2 children from previous and he had 1. Me and my ex get on for the sake of our children and are always civil, and work together for our kids. We’re as my partners ex has made our life hell, we’ve spent hundreds at solicitors and had the police involved on 2 occasions due to her turning up and making threats ect.. she’s stopped contact several times. It then got to a point were my partners mum was a 3rd party arranging contact. I gave birth 10 days ago and since then his ex finds any excuse to text him (after pleading with his mum she didn’t want any contact with him), we pay £200 a month to her and provide everything for his child when with us, we even helped out towards things for school term in September. His ex is now asking for us to buy things for the child and I have said we shouldn’t have to as she gets ebough money off us for him. We have him every weekend and as much as we possibly can during school holidays. We are still paying 2 phone contracts that she has so that is an additional £50 a month and we struggle to get by each month. He thinks I’m just been petty and trying to make it so his contact stops but that is far from ehat I want.
Does anyone think I’m been unreasonable or am I right to be mad. She texts and our son gets given to me to sort or put down whilst he replys to her.
Don’t know what I want from this but he thinks it’s me been a bitch, I would never ask my kids dad for extra as he pays me child support and provides for his kids when he has them. Thanks



  1. I think she’s being an interfering Cow and I agree with you 100% but at the Same time I can see where your partner is coming from trying to keep her sweet so she doesn’t stop contact pathetic really he should go to court and get set days and payments etc that way she can’t be a prick

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