Can I please have a private post. I need advice a ex, recently split due to him…


Can I please have a private post. I need advice a ex, recently split due to him being a complete Twat all the time for no reason. and I’m 27 weeks pregnant. He worked last week finishing at 3 Tuesday to Friday. Played the marter of how tired he is so I let him come c his daughter ran him a bath made him food ect but day after day he was snapping at me speakin to me like crap moaning about how he’s spent money on our daughter snapping about how his tea was cold snapping because I asked him to carry her up the stairs snapping because my house was a mess calling me a tramp sayin that’s why he left me ext I put up with it day after day for a full week until Friday I said I don’t want him here, he didn’t work sat Sunday and didn’t come to c his daughter or ask for her he slept did whatever and went to have his breakfast and tea at his grans Monday Tuesday this week he’s come back round every night again snapping at me how the house is to messy how I asked him to build his daughters bed u name it I got shouted at about it. Today he’s come in this morning I’m really poorly after the flu jab I asked him to take the older girls school he said no I had to do it throwing up twice outside the school because I was that ill I came back and he started having a go how I didn’t ordee him something he needed for this weekend to go out with the lads so he’s gonna miss out that he’s sick of missing out on things because of me and he’ll go find someone else I told him to not come here after work. He’s jus shown up no apology siting with his daughter I said oh ur daughter needs some milk from the shop. He said so (me and my daughter have jus had a bath and in pj’s) he said youv got a car u get it I said bloody hell I’m not well and I’m in my pj’s and I have to drag little one out I got I’m not running round every were when IV been work today so I said u no what Im sick of him being immature and selfish he’s turned around and said he was right because he always misses out on me jus because I got pregnant. I started to get upset so asked him to leave. He said no I’m spending time with my daughter u go upstairs I said no I’m not doing it tell me when he wants her and he can have her but he’s not welcome at my home anymore, iv jus been called nasty and selfish because I’m letting my daughter miss out and not letting him stay. Should I let him c her here?


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