Can I please have an anonymous post, After years of being controlled and put d…

Can I please have an anonymous post,

After years of being controlled and put down,
I finally plucked up the courage and left my oh,
We’ve now been split for 5 months, we have 2 kids together since breaking up things turned very bitter I was receiving threats from his family members and him and his family were sending me non stop abuse his sister was getting her friends to message me ECT it was all ridiculous and went to far. Every time I was contacted not once did they ask how the children where or if they could see them. He quit his job so he didn’t have to provide. He’s also found a picture of someone who looks like me (from the side) in another country with a man (I don’t have a passport and have never left the country) he claims it’s me. I’m now every name under the sun and he denies the children his mum and himself have demanded a DNA test. I’ve already agreed a number of times as I have nothing to hide but all I stated was that I wasn’t paying for it. I’m supporting and providing for my kids my self raising them and doing everything for them my argument was why should I pay out for the tests when I’m 100% innocent, and he’s not supported the children at all since splitting. Him and his family haven’t contacted about seeing the kids once since we broke up it’s all just been abuse and accusations. Since they haven’t even contacted once not even a happy Christmas. Nothing. So I’ve decided to give up not bother contacting them and wait for them to get in touch (if they ever do) honest opinions on the situation please should I be going out of my way to get the DNA tests? Making them have contact (when they clearly can’t be arsed and will just continue giving me abuse) I have not once stopped contact and have asked many of times for him to see the kids but gave up because it was always excuse after excuse and my fault he didn’t see them.


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