Can u post please, how do u get over a break up when he’s your 6 week old son’s…

Can u post please, 😔 how do u get over a break up when he’s your 6 week old son’s dad? I love him to pieces but I can’t deal with it, I cry everyday, I’m struggling with 2 kids and he says I’m nagging,
(I posted the other day and everyone commented saying to break up with him cause he’s using me)
He doesn’t seem bothered about me just interested in my boobs & sex.
He came to see his son today all he did was say ‘hi mate’ and took a pic then watched Alvin and Chipmunks and left.
He didn’t interact, play, hold, feed him. I asked if he could hold him so I can clean his bottles and he got a pack of crisp out instead.
I just need to forget him but it’s so hard, I feel so alone, I don’t see/speak to no one and he’s not bothered, he said it’s all my fault all this happened, but I didn’t tell him to text all them women, etc.
I wish I never met him.
I’ve not eating in 4 days, I’m starving but my son will cry cause he’s poorly or my daughter has hit terrible 2’s bad or the dog is being a pain, I asked him lots to help but he won’t.
I’m crying so much, it’s hard .. he said he step up and be a dad but he won’t and buy the looks he never will, he’s going out to pub with mates all night drinking, chilling, laughing, and here I am crying on my kitchen floor alone.
I just wish I never met him, he’s played me big time, I gave him everything and I feel stupid and a fool. 😢😭😢😭😢😭Xxx


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