Can you post private please…. so my daughter is 1 in 2 weeks. Since the day sh…


Can you post private please…. so my daughter is 1 in 2 weeks. Since the day she was born she’s been severely constipated. It took her 1 full week to poo after she was born & now it’s a total nightmare she’s on suppositories and lactose and movicol to help her but still no sign of it getting easier. When she’s goes every 3-4 days it’s always rock hard and I have to help her get it out and then she bleeds or there’s blood in her poo. Currently waiting for a hospital appointment I’m just sick of her being in pain all the time. Anyone been in the same situation? Any advice I’m a first time full mum. Thanks



  1. I’ve been the exact same with my LG who’s now four and a half who still has a sachet every morning.
    But when she turned one she would sometimes have upto four sachets a day till she got into this routine.
    I’ve been hospital a few times with her but it’s never resulted in anything for her but that’s not to say you won’t get results
    Warm regular baths will help. Maybe even get a waterbottle too.
    We would do daily massaging routine on the belly. And just making sure she would eat her veg and alot of fruit. Fingers crossed for you it does get better because it’s draining and you feel horrible seing them in so much pain but I’m sure your doing everything you can, so keep going 🙂 x

  2. My daughter is exactly the same . She is now 3 and is in lots of pain from it most of the time. I’ve had 2 different consultants that have done nothing at all . She has tried so many types of medication and nothing has worked . It makes me so mad and it feels like no dr or consultant is listening to me or helping my little girl. She is missing out on her childhood due to this horrible pain . She is on movical and lactose but she only goes the the toilet about twice a week . I feel so sorry for her and am desperate to help her. Really do feel helpless. We have tried good allergy tests and lactose test as well as dairy intolerance test and have all come back negative. Feel like I have hit a brick wall with it all now . Xx

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