Child Abuser Gets His Penis Ripped Off

A shocked mother arrived home in the early hours in March Last year to find her partner of two years unconscious on her nine-year old daughters bedroom floor.

Lachlan Nguyen of Port Lincoln, Australia aged 27 was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries to his torso, hands and genitals.

The mother Alice Brown had to stay at home with nine-year old Mia, the police arrived to take Mias statement to find out what had happened to her soon to be stepfather.

Mia was visibly shaken and very tearful her mother said, Mia sat teary eyed cuddled up to her mother, Mia finally explained what had happened.

“Lachlan touches me, he hurts me all the time, he makes me do things I don’t like, things that grown ups do”.

The police asked Mia if she had hurt Lachlan and she replied, “no I screamed and begged him to stop, normally Barney is tied up back but I let him off tonight,Barney saved me”.

Barney is the families guard dog a four-year old Bullmastiff, Barney had heard the girls screams and leapt through the bedroom window biting Lachlans penis, tearing it off in the process.

Lachlan had tried to fight the dog off receiving bites to his hands and body, once Lachlan had stopped moving Barney released him and walked over to Mia for a quick cuddle before going back outside where he knew he was meant to be.

Lachlan was eventually prosecuted for sexual assault on a minor but his punishment was already dished out by a loyal and loving dog protecting his innocent friend.

Mia is getting the support she needs from her mother and school and knowing she has he best friend Barney to protect is the best.

Barney isn’t allowed to leave the family home without a muzzle on and isn’t allowed in the house but that doesn’t stop Mia and Alice from giving him all the love and thanks he deserves.



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