Child Maintenance Service Is It Failing

Child Maintenance Service Is It Failing

The child support agency (csa) has nearly completely changed to the child maintenance service (cms).

There was promises of huge changes and improvements with this service, but many parents feel nothing has improved and they are still very much out-of-pocket.

One mum said

“Really starting to give up 😢why are they letting these dads not face there responsibilities it’s so wrong and not fair on us mums!😠”

Another mum took to social media to rant about the injustice of the whole system and how the non-resident parent can lie and get away with it.

“Got a letter in the post today. Yearly review. Kids so-called dad has finally declared an income to HMRC £32.40 a week. WOW I mean WOW. What’s that like just over 4hrs a week at minimum wage he is getting away with declaring? He is self-employed and earning way more than that but can still buck the system. Let’s see if January 18th he makes the 1st payment I’m guessing I will never see a penny in my life from him”

The child maintenance service can work if the non-resident parent is employer or honest, if he is employed the service can take money directly from his wages or bank account.

Mums and dads who are self-employed are however fiddling the system and claiming they earn less than they do.

One mum we spoke to said her ex is a self-employed taxi driver the mum knows he works a minimum of 60 hours a week but he claims he only earns £65.60 a week, which is impossible and is even more infuriating when he has had a full sleeve tattoo done, been on three holidays last year and manages to go out drinking at least 4 times a month, yet she only receives £7 a week in payments for two children and cms takes a percentage of that for themselves.

Not only are they dodging their financial parental responsibilities but screwing over the tax man, little seems to be done about this though and parents are left feeling frustrated and helpless.

When parents have contacted the cms they are told there is nothing they can do their ends and the parent is to prove that their ex is earning more, many people have complained about the child maintenance service and feel that many of the employees are incompetent and lack the resources to actually deal with their claim.

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5 thoughts on “Child Maintenance Service Is It Failing

  1. Are you taking the fucking piss!! Us “MUMS” and “DADS NOT FACING RESPONSIBILITIES” where do I start! First of all! Not all NRPS are male! And some of us dads aren’t trying to avoid responsibility’s at all, I’m more than happy to pay (regardless of her endless cheating, her telling me the kids weren’t mine, vandalising my car and cutting me out of there lives for no reason at all” my issue is the 6 years of the CSA chasing me and threatening me over 6 grand debt I didn’t owe! Having had to involve my local MP becuse there several official reviews failed to correct it. Yet I’m stil expected to pay £600 a month! What about my life, what child costs 600 a month while I’m left on my arse not able to provide much of a life for my fiancé and our kids! You people make me sick using the term “dads” fuck off

  2. Maybe you mums should stop
    Using your child as a money option and allow the father the rigts he deserves and then just maybe you would get tye financial contribution you desrve

  3. As someone who works for the cms and has done for 16 years this kind of post really pisses me off! It is never reported about the millions of pounds that are collected, the cases that we take to court, the houses that we force sale on so that arrears can be paid! The abuse the staff take on a daily basis because we can’t magic money out of thin air. How exactly do we prove they are working cash in hand? We aren’t given the resources for that! Maybe instead of slagging off cms and the staff have a go at the government who doesn’t give us the resources needed and then leave us to deal with the abuse!!! We do the best we can with the limited resources we have available to us. Some people will literally do anything to avoid paying.

  4. My partner pays CMS every single month the mother doesn’t spend a penny of it on the child and social service now involved as she ain’t taking care of her properly! Has stated to his family that the child’s not his yet when we ring cms were the ones who have to foot the bill for a DNA test as well as keep paying for a child we have no access to until the test results come back never mind the hundreds we’ve already paid her up to now for a child she tells others ain’t his!!

  5. I pay for my home which has bedrooms for my children, their rooms are fully kitted out, wardrobes full of clothes for them, they are spoilt with toys. I take them more places then their mother does and spend more on travel. I am paying the same as I would for them if they were here full time with the exception of some food and electric. I have to pay £500 a month to cover that small difference!!

    My children have two homes I am paying for mine on my own. Why do I need to contribute towards their other home, toys, travel etc somewhere else when I am already paying my share. The fact they need two of everything and have two homes shouldn’t mean I pay more then once for everything and their mother shouldn’t get to dodge her finance responsibilities. If she can’t afford to look after my children she shouldn’t get the privilege too.

    Child maintenance is punishing non residential parents for having their children ripped out of their lives and that is disgusting, immoral and causing in some cases suicides. The whole system is an absolute shambles, why don’t they at the very least look at income from by the sides and outgoings and reach a fair decision.

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