Close Your Doors At Night Mums

Anyone else sleep with their bedroom door open at night?!?

I have always kept my three children’s bedroom doors open so that I could hear them in the night, you know if they cry a nightmare and call out for me, but Since seeing this photo I realise nightmares can come true, as their mother it is my job to protect them from the monsters under their beds and te threat to their lives when they sleep.

By simply closing all the doors in the house of the night if the worst was to happen the chance of survival dramatically increases, I still need to hear them of a night for my own security really so although my youngest child is 7 she has a baby monitor in her room now and my older boys know if they have a problem to walk to my where I am to tell rather than yelling, and yes my eldest is 14 but I still check on him before I go to sleep.

The room with the closed door only got to about 100 degrees and nearly no damage. The room on the right reached over 500 degrees and had significant damage, if this isn’t a shock or a wake up call im not sure what is.

If you’ve ever gone through a house fire, my heart goes out to you. The sheer thought of it gives me chills.

Consider closing your doors mums, keep them babies safe.

📷 credit: Oshtemo Township Fire Department

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