Hi ppp… so im starting a new jon tomorrow.. working 3 nights a week 6-11 at the local shop.. i have a 8 year old and a 11 month old.. i leaving just as my partner gets home from work.. does anybody else do this? And how do you find it? Im nervous about leaving the othrt half to do everything whilst im gone 😂 thankyou x Parkpage

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  1. I did this at my local shop 6-11 & I found it hard. Sometimes my husband would be later so I’d arrive late (they didn’t Mind but not the point) I wouldn’t leave till 11.30 after shutting up shop ect. Didn’t go to sleep till gone 12 them 3 nights. Then getting up at 6 in the morning with the kids. It took its toll on me I won’t lie. But everybody is different x

  2. i work 1 to 3 days every weekend, leave the house at 10 am and get home for 6pm,,my husband gets home at 8am from a night shift and leaves at 5pm to start next one, my 17yr and my 22yr old if hes off work old looks after my 2, 8 and 13yr olds

  3. Yes hubby get home as I leave to start at 6 sometimes I have to meet him half way to work if his running late and I’ll be late our son is 8 it’s shit because if I give up work we would get working tax credit and child tax credit

  4. It’ll be fine the more you worry the more anxious you’ll feel just feel things will be ok as they will and you’ll find there in bed asleep with no problems when you get in

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