Common Household Product Burnt My Babies Skin

Lisa Cresswells little boy was hurt recently and is desperate to make others aware of the potential danger.

Cresswell said “For anyone that uses Febreze fabric freshener , it’s supposed to be dermatology tested and suppose to be ok to use on anything and not cause problems. Well I sprayed it on my sons pillow to freshen it up and he woke up like this red raw skin on back, shoulders and neck and ear. Day after his skin started to peel and be infected .

Took him doctors n they said it’s a bad reaction to the chemicals and it’s caused a 2nd degree chemical burn, dermatitis and an infection. Don’t believe everything you read on the bottles as clearly that isn’t always the case as u can see. I’ve contacted the company and am waiting on a reply if they think they are getting away with this when their product which is supposed to be safe to use they got another thing coming defo not letting this go”.

Mums advice have emailed Febreze but they have yet to comment.

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