Cosatto pram dangerous


A lady named Diane Boan is trying raise awareness of the dangers of the Cosatto pram.

I just can’t not belive it… my cosatto pram has just snapped in half with lily in it!!! 😠😬😠😡😡 please think twice before buying these prams.. 

We was crossing a busy road and if I hadn’t of dragged the broken pram out the road so quick it could of been so different I was so shaken up lily’s luckily OK with only a small bump to her head I’ve contacted cosatto with no reply as yet.. my frame was recalled four months ago and I was told this batch was SAFE clearly not!!! 

If they spent as much time on the frame rather than beautiful designs maybe they wouldn’t have this problem!! Just wanted to warn others and save any one having this happen to them 😡😠


  1. This is the first giggle. Manufactured 2012/2013
    This design was recalled firstly in 2013 then again for rechecks on a different batch in 2014. Google Giggle recall and you can check if your giggle was effected using the setial numbers cosatto released.
    This only effects the first Giggle NOT the newer Giggle 2.

  2. More people have been hurt in cars than in this pram, yet we don’t try and get them banned, it’s probably just one error and you shouldn’t rage about something that’s only happened once which could also be down to the user being bad

  3. That’s what happens to our pram the same one good job that we took our little girl out the pram they are not safe we had ours for 2 years

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